The packaging industry plays an important role in product quality and safety, environmental protection and development of many industries. Lim Samobor d.o.o./LLC has recognised the positive trends in the manufacturing and use of metal packaging. Our goal is to manufacture high-quality metal packaging by using environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies and processes while taking into account the responsible waste management and energy consumption.

Years of experience and tradition in manufacturing various kinds of metal packaging provide a guarantee to our quality which is also confirmed by our satisfied customers.

We began manufacturing our metal packaging in 1924, when the former company Shell founded the company LIM d.d./JSC, which manufactured metal packaging for the chemical industry. LIM d.d./JSC evolved and became one of the leading manufacturers of metal packaging in the region, with 240 employees in 1990. Tradition and quality of business of the company LIM d.d./JSC were recognised in 2006 when Lim Samobor d.o.o./LLC  was founded. Lim Samobor d.o.o./LLC continued to manufacture metal packaging by widening its product range. Since then, continuous investments have been made into business development, modernisation of manufacturing, and market expansion, hence reinforcing competitiveness on both the domestic and international market.

The manufacturing of high-quality metal packaging in various sizes and for all purposes, from metal packaging for the food and chemical industry, to large, specially enforced barrels made of black and galvanized sheet metal, is carried out in accordance with the rules of the profession and the internationally recognised standards related to quality, environmental protection and product safety.

Product quality and customer satisfaction come first!