Decorative tin cans are used increasingly as packaging for gifts, office materials, business gifts, candles, etc. and the attractive design and shape definitely attract new customers. A pretty tin can become a permanent decoration in your home or office.

Lim Samobor d.o.o./LLC manufactures decorative metal packaging as per customer demand and in accordance with the type of products for which the packaging is intended.

The confectionary industry is becoming an increasingly important branch of the food industry both abroad and domestically, where domestic raw materials and packaging materials are largely used in manufacturing. In the European Union, the consumption of confectionary products amounts to 30 kilograms per capita per year and 20 kilograms in Croatia. On the other hand, due to the globalisation of markets and availability of confectionary products, those manufacturers who wish to be competitive must manufacture high-quality products and have a visual identity. The appearance of packaging can play an important role in selling the product. The shape, design and quality of our metal packaging for the confectionary products ensures the preservation of the freshness and quality of confectionary products and at the same time, intrigues and attracts the customer with its visual appearance.

Decorative tin can

D [mm]
Height H [mm]
V [mm]
Method of closing
73 40 - 200 100 - 700 INSERTED TOP LID OR
80 50 - 200 150 - 850 INSERTED TOP LID
83 40 - 200 150 - 950 INSERTED TOP LID OR
99 40 - 260 150 - 1700 INSERTED TOP LID OR
130 50 - 260 500 - 3000 FLIP TOP LID
153 50 - 300 700 - 4800 FLIP TOP LID
200 50 - 300 1200 - 8250 FLIP TOP LID
220 50 - 300 1500 - 10000 FLIP TOP LID